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How To Solve A Rubiks Cube

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7 Steps to Solving Rubiks Cube

To be able to do that, there are two things you will need:
1) Your Rubiks Cube - if you haven't got one, you can't solve it! So go ahead, run to the toy store and buy one. Lol.

2) Your Patience -
without it, there's no way you're going to be able to solve the Rubiks Cube!

A few tips to help you solve the Rubiks cube much easier:

Center-squares' colors are unchangeable which means these are your bases as to what color to put on a side just as shown below:

b)Kinds of Pieces: 8 Corner pieces, 12 Edge pieces, 6 Center pieces. See below:

d) Turning the Faces - In this 7-step guide on How to Solve a Rubiks Cube, you will encounter Algorithms which will tell you which way and which face of the cube to turn. For example I would say:

U, that means you have to turn the top face clockwise. Or if I say Ui, that means you have to turn the top face counter-clockwise. So basically,

U=up (top)

D=down (bottom)

i=inverted (counter clockwise)


To solve a Rubiks Cube you must shuffle your cube for 20 mins.! Just kidding. Just shuffle it.

STEP1 (White Cross)
Algorithm1: Fi, U, Li, Ui
To form a cross on the top face while aligning the edge pieces with the center pieces on all four front, right,left, and back faces. See illustration below:

A. How to do it:
1)Position your cube where the white center piece is on Top.
2)Look for the four edge pieces that has whites in it (white&blue, white&red, white&green, white&orange) and begin arranging them so that they form the figure shown above

Finding it difficult? Study the example below:

B. Reminder:

In this step, you will sometimes be in a situation where you have already flipped an edge piece in the right position BUT the colors are oriented the wrong way. This is where you use Algorithm 1. See figure below:

STEP 2(letter Ts)
Algorithm: Ri Di R D
Goal: To complete the top face while also forming letter 'T's in all four front, right, left, and back faces.

See below :

How to do it:

1) You need to find the four corner pieces with a color of the Top face (white&red&blue, white&red&green, white&green&orange, white&orange&blue).

2) Once you find one, place it directly below its correct position and perform Algorithm 2.

3) Repeat Algorithm 2 either once, thrice, or five times until the corner piece gets in to the right position.


Algorithm 3a: Ui Li U L U F Ui Fi
Algorithm 3b: U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F
Shuffle Algorithm: L Ui Li Ui

Goal: To complete two bottom lines on all four front, right, left, and back faces. Like below:

How to do it:

1) Turn the cube upside down so that the white face is now the bottom face and the yellow face is now the top face.

2)Find an edge piece located on the Top face that does not have any Yellow in it.

Note: Sometimes all edge pieces may have yellow in them. Follow the Shuffle Algorithm and an edge piece with yellow will appear.

3) Flip the top face to align that edge piece with its corresponding color then make it as your Front face.

In my example below, I aligned it to the blue face which then became my Front face.

4) Look at the 2nd color of that edge piece. In my case, it's orange. You will find out that that color is either the color of your left face or right face. In mine, orange is the color of my left face.

If it is the color of your left face, do Algorithm 3a

If it is the color of your right face, do Algorithm 3b

5) Repeat these steps until you form the Goal.

(Yellow Cross)
Algorithm 4: F R U Ri Ui Fi
To form a yellow cross on the top face.

How to do it:
1) After completing step 3, you will always end up with having formed either a dot, a 9 o'clock, a horizontal line, or a cross on the top (yellow) face. Like these:

2) Perform Algorithm 4 repeatedly to form the cross (unless you're lucky to already have the cross).

STEP 5 (Tank)
Algorithm 5a: R U Ri U R U U Ri
Algorithm 5b: R U Ri U R U U Ri U
Goal: To form four tanks on all front,right,left, and back faces.

Wondering what's a tank?

How to do it:

1) You first need to flip the top face any way until you form two tanks positioned either

1a) opposite from each other - one is your front face and the other your
back face.
Then,perform Algorithm 5a.

1b) adjacent from each other - on is at your back face and the other at your right face. Then, perform Algorithm 5b.

2) Repeat the Algorithms 5a or 5b until all four sides form a tank.

STEP 6 :

Algorithm 6: U R Ui Li U Ri Ui L
Goal: To place all four corner cubes in their homes on the

top face. See example below:

How to do it:

1) Find a corner piece that is already in its rightful place and turn the entire cube so that the corner piece is directly on the upper right most corner of your Front face.

2) Perform & repeat Algorithm 6 until you have all four corners in their room (disregarding their color orientations).

Reminder: If you can't find any corner piece that is already in its home, you can use any of the four Front,Back, Right, or Left faces as your Front face.


Algorithm 2: Ri Di R D
To finally solve the Rubiks Cube!

How to do it:
1) Position the entire cube so that an unsolved corner piece is at the upper right most corner of your front face.

2)Perform and repeat Algorithm 7. (Don't worry about messing it all up - it will magically go back to the way it should be).

3) Once you've solved one corner piece, turn the Top face only so that the other unsolved corner piece/s is at the upper right most corner of your front face.

4) Then repeat no. 2 & 3 until you have solved everything!

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE NOW SOLVED A RUBIKS CUBE in JUST 7 STEPS! You must be proud of yourself! Not everyone can solve a Rubiks Cube!

Just keep practicing and master the steps! Share this guide to your friends and family and pets. Remember, human knowledge belongs to the world!

7 Step Solution Guide

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